Rugged Wine Country in IR

Yesterday I discovered a charming area on the top of the mountain above Nuits St. Georges. An amazing feature of France is what you find by taking the little roads.

A side note: The butterfly that I posted several weeks ago I think made its final visit this last week. Over the weeks it would periodically return and land at my feet in the patio. This time it was looking very ragged.

Rugged Wine Country


Another photo from the past: this one in 2007. For several years I spent several weeks each winter in this area. Quite a contrast to the Northern parts of Provence that I came to prefer for my winter break from the cold. As I looked back on the images of this period they look clichéd to me. One area that has not changed as much is Golfe-Juan. It has not changed greatly since Picasso lived there in the late 40’s.