Alsace ala digital Trix

Don’t you love it when you have light fog with sunshine. For many years in my analog days I used Trix 400 ASA film. At a certain point I began using finer grained films. Most have had a premonition of the coming of digital. Anyway, for certain images, nothing beats the poetic effect of Trix.

Alsace landscape

River L’Ouche

There is a section of the valley L’Ouche which is magnificent. The Burgundy Canal runs through the Valley and my favorite part is between Fleurey sur Ouche and Le Pont D’Ouche. It is the play of light in this area that reignited my passion for photography.


Vines : Mount Ventoux

Another touch of the rugged wine country at the foot of Mount Ventoux. It has been few year sdince my last visit. I’m planning a trip in the fall. Looking forward to it.

Vines : Mount Ventoux