Store Front / Window Display: Lyon

For around 40 years I have been photographing the street. It offers a respite of sorts from the world of nature. Here’s the thing: il is all the same game. Given there is a relationship connecting us with nature we are immersed in the social world. You can run but you cannot hide.

Store Front / Window Display

Photo was taken with a Leica M8 and a Summicron 50mm F2 Lens.

Pet Beef

They are not mine. But I consider all the animals and birds in my environment to be pets. I even have a little pet bird who serves as my alarm clock. When she (I think she is a she) believes I have had enough sleep she taps on the skylight in my bedroom and sings to me. A great way to wake up.

Cows in Pasture

Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark II and a Zeiss 85mm Planar f1.4 lens.

Réservoir Panthier

There is a section of Réservoir Panthier which becomes a swamp when the water is high. Combined with the interesting light of this area I’ve photographed this section countless times. It is close to home. This is a softer image compared to those where the light was less contrasty. On those images I was of course able to push the contrast into black inky water as well as a dark sky. Another look.

Réservoir Panthier

The photograph was taken with a Canon 5D classic and Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4 lens.