Pet Beef

They are not mine. But I consider all the animals and birds in my environment to be pets. I even have a little pet bird who serves as my alarm clock. When she (I think she is a she) believes I have had enough sleep she taps on the skylight in my bedroom and sings to me. A great way to wake up.

Cows in Pasture

Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark II and a Zeiss 85mm Planar f1.4 lens.


Mowing the Back Yard

First, of course, that is not me on the tractor. I’m taking the picture. And this is not our property. But it is our backyard. Our village is surrounded by hillside pasturland for the Charolais cattle.

Pasture on the hillside

The photo was taken with a canon SD Mark II and a Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens.